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City of Meridian
Meridian, ID, United States (on-site)
22 days ago
City of Meridian
Meridian, Idaho, United States (on-site)
22 days ago


Job Title:             Laboratory Analyst I                       

Department:      Public Works

Reports To:         Laboratory Manager

Open Date:         September 8, 2023

Close Date:         Open Until Filled

Salary:                 $23.30 per hour

Apply at:

Job Summary: 

Skilled analytical and diagnostic work testing, monitoring, and documenting samples and test results  for a variety of environmental samples for regulatory compliance, process control, industrial pretreatment, biosolids, reclaimed water, engineering studies, and various other programs at the City’s wastewater treatment facility. The work is performed under the general guidance of the Laboratory Manager.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


Reads and records meters;

Takes river samples and makes required measurements including but not limited to IPDES required ambient monitoring;

Assists in the collection of composite and grab samples;

Cleans and maintains sampling and monitoring equipment;

Calibrates monitoring equipment such as DO probes, pH meters, Cl analyzers, turbidimeters, and portable/composite samplers;

Performs “Clean hands / Dirty hands” environmental sampling technique, where appropriate;


Conducts tests and sampling related to plant influent, effluent, sludge, plant process control samples, surface and ground water samples, soil and industrial waste, and reclaimed water;

Follow standardized, multi-step procedures while exercising considerable accuracy and precision in all phases of the work;

Operates instrumentation to determine parameters including but not limited to pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, chlorine residual, and turbidity;

Conducts and maintains acceptable QA/QC for reported analysis, records, and IPDES documentation;

Cleans and sterilizes glassware and sample bottles using concentrated acids and high temperatures;

Determine parameters including but not limited to: TSS/VSS, pH, COD, BOD, total phosphorus, dissolved orthophosphate, bacteria, chlorine, acidity, alkalinity, TS/VS, conductivity, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, dissolved oxygen uptake rate, gram staining, hardness, and total nitrogen;

Completes daily quality control measures;

Calibrates and operates laboratory equipment;

Assist in waste minimization and disposal;

Ability to perform preventative and corrective maintenance on laboratory equipment;

May operate Flow Injection Analyzer and spectrophotometer to determine ammonia, nitrate+nitrite, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, total phosphorous, orthophosphate, and chlorophyll a.

Assist with operation, maintenance, and calibration of advanced laboratory equipment including but not limited to FIA, spectrophotometer, autosampler, digestion, extraction, and distillation equipment;

Prepares reagents, calibration stock solutions, ranged calibration standard solutions, laboratory control solutions, matrix spike solutions, and other reagents as necessary;

Utilize quantitative analytical software specific to technical laboratory instrumentation;

Utilizes interface between the LIMS software and the instrumentation software to transfer batch data into the LIMS;

Organize and complete routine work independently. Accurately perform several analytical procedures concurrently;

Performs related duties as required by the Laboratory Manager;


Records all analytical test results on prepared forms and log books;

Maintains and records proper chain of custody at all times;

Maintains neat and organized bench sheets;

Performs mathematical computations on laboratory data;

Accurately transfers results and data to computerized and non-computerized databases;

Enters and reviews QA/QC data and sample information;

Records and evaluates test results for compliance with State and Federal Environmental Regulations and discharge monitoring permit criteria;

Compiles and prepares record books;

Reports all laboratory results to QA/QC Coordinator review;

Promptly reports unusual lab test results, trends, or potential permit violations to the Lab Manager and/or the Wastewater Superintendent for immediate review;

Performs related duties as required by the Laboratory Manager;

Must be able to work independently and make sound judgments towards the needs of the City’s WWTP.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Knowledge of laboratory and plant safety procedures, basic laboratory hygiene, proper handling of hazardous chemicals, pathogenic organisms, and carcinogenic materials;

Ability to read and understand Safety Data Sheets;

Possess a basic understanding of laboratory and chemical inventories;

Ability to operate and maintain meters, probes, centrifuges, balances, sample pumps and other commonly related laboratory equipment;

Ability to perform mathematical computations;

Ability to follow written and oral instructions;

Ability to perform analytical tests and operate the testing equipment;

Ability to accurately read a variety of meters;

Ability to recognize equipment failure and inappropriate test results and take appropriate steps to troubleshoot problems;

Ability to keep excellent records and follow standard operating procedures;

Ability to communicate with management, supervisors and co-workers with respect in a pleasant, courteous manner;

Ability to work as a team player;

Ability to drive light trucks and van type vehicles;

Must be physically able to lift 50 pounds unassisted;

Must be willing and able to work in inclement weather conditions;

Must be capable of walking, climbing, and bending without undo strain;

Must be able to read, write, and speak English;

Must be able to write legibly;

Must be able to work night shift, call outs, and holidays;

Integrity, in the performance of assigned tasks, analysis and reporting data;

General cleaning duties normally associated with lab work;

Computer Skills –

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook);   

Ability to learn Promium Element LIMS software, Hach WIMS software, and analytical instrument specific software;

Knowledge of Quality Assurance/Quality Control;

Knowledge of State (DEQ) and Federal Laws (EPA) – CWA, 40 CFR, RCRA, IPDES;

Knowledge of the principles of analytical chemistry and microbiology, statistics, laboratory analysis, techniques and equipment; sample collection and preservation, quality assurance;

Knowledge of emergency response procedures and disaster response; have ability to follow and execute emergency assistance when called upon.

Work Environment and Physical Demands:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee works in a laboratory environment standing for long periods of time;

The noise level in the Lab is usually quiet;

Frequently is exposed to wet and/or humid conditions wastewater, sludge, biological hazards, fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals and vibration;

Occasionally is exposed to risk of electrical shock;

Occasionally requires lifting and moving up to 50 pounds.

Travel Requirements:

Drives a City vehicle to other city sites and sampling locations;

Travel out of the local area may be required for this position for training purposes.


Job Specifications:

Requires a High School Diploma, or equivalent; Associates or Bachelors of Science Degree in biology, chemistry, or environmental disciplines is preferred;

Two (2) years laboratory experience or equivalent college chemistry and/or biology courses; or a combination of experience and education that is sufficient to perform the essential duties of the position.

Licensing and Certification:

Must hold a valid State of Idaho Driver’s License and safe driving record;

Must hold or have the ability to obtain a State of Idaho Wastewater Laboratory Class I license within twelve (12) months of hire;

Must be able to attend and complete all required safety training requirements and certifications including but not limited to: CPR/AED, ICS.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 70696941
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Meridian, Idaho, United States
    Meridian, Idaho, United States
  • Company Name For Job: City of Meridian
  • Position Title: Laboratory Analyst I
  • Industry: Government/Regulatory Agency
  • Job Function: Chemistry,
    Civil - Water / Wastewater,
    Environmental - Wastewater
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Salary: $23.30 (Hourly Wage)

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